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Since rugby became a professional sport, it has become more and more competitive each year - with players pushing themselves physically and mentally to come out on top. Players are being assessed on every performance week in, week out. The saying remains true - you are only as good as your last performance. Therefore, we saw a need for coaching that takes a bit of a different approach.


The One Percent strives to take the expertise of qualified Strength and Conditioning coaches, and bring it to players in a virtual environment, allowing them to benefit from personalized training programs that they can use at a training time that suits them.

We offer a range of packages - from those that allow you to 'download and go',  to ones that give you 1-to-1 access to a personal Strength and Conditioning coach.


The One Percent was created to help rugby players "professional or aspiring professionals" reach their highest rugby-career potential.



Our online, position specific approach is something you haven't seen before. By providing players with position specific programs that are tailored for their needs, we are conditioning players to improve their performance and make them more effective on the field.


Advantages include :

  • Player conditioned to their position and its demands

  • Programs that have been formulated by qualified coaches who have a professional rugby background


  • Packages tailored to the needs of different players


  • Online approach makes our product affordable


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